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Poem: My Heart Waits For The One


My heart waits for the one.
My heart yearns for her.
The only woman that surpasses all other women.

Every night,
as I sleep
I dream of her.
She is beside me.
We are holding each other intimately.
Every morning,
as I wake up
I anticipate her coming from my wandering heart and mind.

During the day,
as I go about my business
I await her presence beside me.
I ask myself,
Who is this one?
Who is she?
What would she be to me?
What does she look like Black, White, Brown?
Oh, my heart desires a beautiful African princess.

Where is the flesh of my flesh?
Where is the bone of my bones?
Where is the one?
Who is the one?
Only God knows.
He had fashioned her.
Faith will locate us.
Faith will draw us together.
And our love shall come together and live forever.

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